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Writing is tough. Getting exposure is tougher. As writers we need people to share our work with. We need encouragement. We need feedback. Both help us become better writers.

We need platforms, too. It’s a crucial part of our success as writers. But we don’t want a huge email list full of people that delete our emails without reading them. We want our work to be read.

But how do you build a real following?

Here are a few tips.

Follow Like-minded People

We are all on some form of social media. Follow people who value the brand you are creating.

Don’t just follow a ton of people in hopes they will follow you back. Take the time to read their profiles and check out their posts. If it resonates with you follow them.

Take the time to leave thoughtful comments, don’t just like all their posts. If you have an answer to a question they ask leave it in their comments. They’ll come to value your expertise and you’ll become an influencer among them.

Post Frequently

Whether it’s your blog, your Instagram or Twitter account, or Facebook, post something regularly.

There’s nothing worse than when I go to an author’s website and their blog hasn’t had a post in months — or even years!

I post to my author blog twice a week. One post is a short story. The other is always an article with tips about things I’ve found that improve my writing.

Post information that is useful to others. It will establish you as an authority on the topic. People will share your posts and you’ll build a solid, meaningful following.

Don’t Be So Serious

Hey, life happens. Success stories are great inspiration but there’s a human side to each one that seldom gets told.

Don’t let social media fool you. People post pictures of their successes. It seems like they have it all. But they didn’t achieve those goals overnight. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes. I guarantee mistakes were made along the way, too.

A little humor goes a long way when you hit a bump in the road. Share how you goofed up. Laugh about it. Your followers will laugh with you, not at you, and they may even share how they got through the same ordeal.

Be Responsive

When people comment on your posts, respond! Establishing a dialogue with the people in your tribe is important. And make no mistake, your followers are your tribe.

Replying may be tough when you’ve got thousands (or millions!) of followers, but if you’re just starting out you have no excuses.

Be Genuine

Building your tribe takes time and consistency. Before you post anything remember: what you put on social media should reflect the essence of who YOU are. Don’t imitate others. Be genuine. Post things that bring you joy and people will notice you.

How did you build your tribe? Share your tips in the comments below!

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