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This is what all writers are doing.

Waiting to hear back from an editor. Or an agent.

Waiting for a book to be released.

Waiting to see the design of a book cover.



Waiting for the train to come in.

This is what I’m doing right now. I applied to a mentor program called Pitch Wars. Haven’t heard of it? Neither did I until last month.

It’s a mentor program where published authors and editors take you under their wing and help you polish your manuscript. Then the first page of your manuscript is showcased to a ton of agents who have agreed to participate in Pitch Wars. If an agent picks you up, they help you get your book published.

I know, pretty awesome.

The process to get accepted is to choose four editors/authors who you would like to pitch your manuscript to. You go through their bio pages and see what their likes are, then carefully select four who you think are a good match for your project.

When submissions opened (which was August 27–29…and the 29th was my birthday, by the way), you submitted a one-page synopsis, the first chapter of your novel, and a query letter to be considered.

And nooooow I wait again.

The announcement of mentees accepted into the program isn’t until October 12th.

See? Waiting.

People always ask me how do I find the discipline to get so much writing done. I write two short stories a week and am always toying with ideas waiting for the next book idea to materialize.

I do love to write, which is the main reason why I write every day.

But I also do it to keep my sanity! I need to do something to keep my mind off how many short stories I have out there waiting to be accepted for publication. I also have my novel submitted to about 25 agents and have only heard back from a handful of those.

I’m not complaining. Well, maybe I am just a little. I try to remind myself that editors and agents have thousands of short stories and manuscripts to get through and that’s why the waiting time is so long.

Most times that works.

But when you’re an emerging author waiting to break into the publishing world, you have no past accomplishments to validate your talent. So the wait for us, in my opinion, is a little more excruciating than it is for an established author who knows it’s just a matter of time before their next book is picked up.

Now, what will happen if I don’t get accepted into Pitch Wars? Well, I’ll learn from it and, in the words of Eddie Kendricks, I’ll keep on truckin’ baby.

So, this is my writing rant for today. Now I’ve got to go back and finish this short story I’ve been working on.

And to any writers out there who may be going through the same frustration, I say to you in my Kendrick Lamar voice: we gon’ be alright! Do you hear me? Do you feel me? We gon’ be alright!

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