I’m so honored that you mentioned me in your article! Truly humbled. My advice is to set aside a time every day to write and don’t make any excuses. Fifteen minutes a day, thirty minutes, an hour…whatever works. Then write. Even if you just write about your crappy day or the coworker who worked your last nerve or the random crazy thoughts running around your brain. Write. You’d be surprised how motivating it is. That’s how I started off. Now I write for four hours every day. And don’t compare yourself to others. That will kill your motivation.

Since you are drained at the end of the day, my suggestion is to get up a half an hour earlier than you usually do and use that time to write. Don’t look at your phone, don’t get on social media. Just open your word processor and write. And save your work, no matter what it is. Story ideas hide in those random thoughts.

Before I begin my day, I sit down for thirty minutes and write. I don’t look at my phone, email. Nada. I just go and dump my thoughts onto the page. Usually, something jumps out at me as a great idea and I see where it takes me.

But you’ve got to set your time and write and make NO EXCUSES. It all starts there.

Best of luck and I’m here if you need more inspiration!

Writer. Blogger. Native Jersey girl in a Maryland world. Come visit me at www.audrarussellwrites.com

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