Many of you may know that this past August I finally became a published author. When I finally decided to pursue my dream of being a writer 3 years ago, my intention was to be traditionally published. That goal changed and I will tell you why. …

Front cover of my debut novel, Blood Land

The year 2020 has been nothing short of unbelievable for us all. It has been full of so much bad news, including this global pandemic that has wreaked havoc on every aspect of our lives.

Despite all the tragedy, I have managed to accomplish my life’s dream. …

Four hundred years. Four hundred years of opportunities to make it right. Four centuries of begging, pleading, praying, yelling, marching, uprisings. But you just let the wound of our anger, our outrage, our moans of grief, fester and ooze and become a puss-filled infected sore. You let it grow.


Audra Russell

Writer. Blogger. Native Jersey girl in a Maryland world. Come visit me at

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